Greetings from Plastic Sound Supply
We're a record & art label from Denver, CO, USA, specializing in genre-defying experimental electronic music, glitch hop, techno, dubstep, idm, breakbeat, and more. Let's start this relationship off congenially. We'd like to give you 3 mp3s from our latest album, The Reprogramming Project:

Scaffolding - Rebuild.mp3
Scaffolding - Rebuild (Wayne Winters remix).mp3
Scaffolding - Rebuild (CacheFlowe remix).mp3

Please give them a listen, share the links with your friends, and check out the rest of the samples at the site mentioned below. Each one of our newletters will feature free mp3s from our new releases, but unsubscribing from our communications is very easy using the links at the bottom of this email.
The Reprogramming Project
file under: Glitch Hop / IDM / Futuretronica
for fans of: Flying Lotus / Telefon Tel Aviv / Bjork / Prefuse 73

Plastic Sound Supply proudly presents The Reprogramming Project - an ambitious remix project between electronica luminaries CacheFlowe, Scaffolding, and Wayne Winters. Exploring their individual styles by remixing each other's works, the artists have created a unique and coherent blend of glitch hop, idm, downtempo, and mid-tempo beat experimentation. Production values and creativity excite the ears, while the custom packaging adds to the boutique appeal of this limited-edition Enhanced CD release. The album is readily available on the Internet from iTunes, with the CD available exclusively from the PSS web site. Track #8 was featured on this summer's XLR8R double issue sampler CD, and the music video by Movax has received a bit of buzz on the net from design, programming, and music blogs. All information about the album, including the music video, release party pictures, purchase info and more, is available at:
Upcoming Releases
There's lots of exciting music and art on the horizon for the Plastic Sound Supply crew. We've finished a techno/idm EP by Scaffolding and Heft, that you can preview and download in its entirety here. We're also wrapping up a dubstep/glitch hop EP by CacheFlowe, that will feature remixes by none other than Machinedrum and Starkey. Concurrently, we're working with Wentworth Kersey to release their debut folk/americana/tronica full-length album, as well as a George & Caplin remix EP with remixes by CacheFlowe, Scaffolding, and Equulei. If that wasn't enough, we're also working towards finishing a Scaffolding full-length album, with remixes from secret special guests.
Plastic Sounds Supply is...
PSS is a new music and art label based in Denver, Colorado. Started by a collective of established local artists, the label is focused on releasing cutting edge, genre-defying experimental music, video, and design. Core members include:

Wayne Winters
Movax (video)
Snowblinded (design)
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