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We're a record & art label from Denver, CO, USA, specializing in genre-defying experimental electronic music, glitch hop, techno, dubstep, idm, breakbeat, and more.

Let's start off with some free mp3s:
"CacheFlowe - Flowebot ft. Brer Rabbit"
The 90-minute Cache Stacks (experimental/dub/dubstep) mix by CacheFlowe:

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CacheFlowe - Cache Stacks & Queues
file under: Dubstep / Glitch Hop / Experimental
for fans of: Starkey / Skream / Machinedrum / Flying Lotus

With his new EP, "Cache, Stacks & Queues", CacheFlowe explores the experimental side of dubstep and glitch hop. A heavier take on his broken beats, CS&Q represents CacheFlowe's return to a sound that might just be called dance music in some circles. Collaborations with Machinedrum, Starkey, and Brer Rabbit from the Flobots round out the experimental street beat sound of the release. True to his style, CacheFlowe's 3rd solo release provides lots of surprises amidst the head-nodding beats.

The opening tune "Flowebot" is a stripped-down, bass-heavy vocal collaboration with the Flobots' Brer Rabbit, that blurs the lines between dubstep, glitch hop and hip hop. "Oh! Dub" continues the dubstep trend, with a heavy, wobbly, reggae-drenched vibe and beat freaking galore. Reminiscent of CacheFlowe's early drum and bass work, "Crunch Dub" takes the EP in a much harder direction with a chopped, steppy dubstep breakbeat and several analog bass synths grating across the stereo field. Finishing off the original tunes is "Imperial Bombin'", a lighthearted but stinging indictment of Dick Cheney, that uses his own voice to tell the story of lying the United States into war with Iraq. Good riddance, glitch hop style.

Closing out the EP are remixes from a couple of the innovators in the modern experimental electronic music scene. Starkey (Planet Mu) brings a heavy street bass & dubstep remix of "Flowebot", with layered fluttering synths and grinding, bending basslines. Machinedrum (m3rck, normrex) ends with an epic dubstep remix of the same tune, complete with psychedelic vocoded strings and intricately chopped vocals that converge with a stomping, dub-splashing beat and bassline.

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and download the 90-minute companion Cache Stacks dubstep/experimental/dub studio mix (free):

**. Cache Stacks intro
01. Slicker - Red
**. [ Buju Banton - Inter Lingua ]
02. King Tubby & Lee Perry - Drifter Dub, Pt. 4
03. The Rip Off Artist - Endubtime
04. George & Caplin - He Really Got Through To Advertising (CacheFlowe remix)
05. Boxcutter - Bug Octet
06. Dabrye - Air feat. Doom (Kode 9 remix instrumental)
07. David Last - Spanish Fly
08. Boxcutter - Infraviolet
09. 2562 - Channel Two
10. Ale Fillman - Irie Rhythm
11. Boxcutter - Glyphic
12. 2562 - Moog Dub
13. Alpha & Omega - Ruler Of Them All
**. [ Buju Banton - Inter Lingua ]
14. Daniel Meteo - Save Music
15. Deadbeat - Lost Luggage
16. Andrea Sartori - Santa Chimera
17. Boxcutter - Windfall
18. Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - UK Steppers
19. Alpha & Omega - Higher Than High
20. King Tubby - Rastafari Dub
21. M.R.K.1 - Sensi Skank
22. Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - Mega Hall
23. Alpha & Omega - Dub of Purpose
24. Pole - Winkelstreben (Peverelist remix)
25. CacheFlowe - Oh! Dub
26. CacheFlowe - Crunch Dub
27. Tipper - Swipe Dub
28. Rustie - Response
29. CacheFlowe - Flowebot ft. Brer Rabbit
30. Starkey - The Blaze Riddim
31. Alter Ego - Fuckingham Palace (Modeselektor remix)
32. Benga - Light Bulb
33. Elemental - Raw Material
34. DJ Abstract - Touch
35. Shut Up & Dance - Epileptic (Martyn's No Strobe mix)
36. Pole - Green Is Not Green-Yellow
37. Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - Floorshaker
38. TRG & Dub U - Losing Marbles (2562 remix)
39. Benga - Hotstepping
40. Ellen Allien & Apparat - Bubbles
41. A Shoreline Dream & Ulrich Schnauss - NeverChanger (CacheFlowe remix)
42. Thom Yorke - Skip Divided (Modeselektor remix)
43. Twilight Circus Dub Sound System - Dub Voyage
44. Slicker - Village Dub Plate
45. Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub players - Hard Drive Dub

CacheFlowe bio:
Mashing up idm, dubstep, hip hop, funk, drum and bass, trip hop, experimental, jazz and techno, CacheFlowe creates genre-skewing electronic music that has received much acclaim from local and international press. Producing with a computer since 1996, he's honed an original style that's defined by stuttery, complex breakbeats, deep analog basslines, techno-flavored synths, organic instrumentation and contorted samples. Working on the same laptop performance since early 2004, CacheFlowe's live show is a fast-paced smorgasbord of chopped breakbeats and analog synths on 8 channels of audio. He bobs and weaves through an array of electronic genres and tempos, using nothing but sounds and loops from his own productions. Having played 30 live shows just in 2007, he's established himself as one of the premier electronic musicians in Colorado. Appearing on official record label releases alongside the likes of Twine, Ladytron, Daedelus, Ulrich Schnauss, Starkey, Machinedrum, ISAN, Submerged, Fog, and sharing the stage with Amon Tobin, edIT, Machinedrum, Dizzee Rascal, Mochipet, Jeff Parker (Tortoise), DJ Olive (MMW, Sonic Youth), Nels Cline (Wilco), Filastine, Nick Argon, pH10, and countless local talents, CacheFlowe continues to freak the beat in new and exciting ways.
Upcoming Releases
There's lots of exciting music and art on the horizon for the Plastic Sound Supply crew. In the coming weeks we'll be sending out newsletters about Wentworth Kersey's first EP, as well as Scaffolding's upcoming LP, with remixes by Michael Fakesch, Kero and CacheFlowe. Stay tuned!
Plastic Sounds Supply is...
PSS is a music and art label based in Denver, Colorado. Started by a collective of established local artists, the label is focused on releasing cutting edge, genre-defying experimental music, video, and design. Core members include:

Wayne Winters
Movax (video)
Snowblinded (design)
Wentworth Kersey
George & Caplin
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