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We're a record & art label from Denver, CO, USA, specializing in genre-defying experimental electronic music and art.

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Wentworth Kersey - O
file under: Psych-Folk / Americana / Avant Garde
for fans of: Leonard Cohen / Scott Walker / Flying Canyon / Brian Eno / Phil Spector

Frontier man, Wentworth Kersey, is a psych-folk avant-americana artist from the plains of Colorado. Mister Kersey consists of Joe Kersey Sampson (A Dog Paloma) and Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens (George&Caplin) who met while playing "A Soundtrack for Suicide" at the "Youth Hipster Halfway House" during a lost era of western greatness. Wentworth Kersey was born out of the need to explore new palettes of sound within the existing structures of Americana. The result feels like a "sci-fi folk experiment" with Joe Kersey Sampson providing his folk compositions and Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens becoming a backup band with his sonic landscapes. "The resulting illusion of an entire alt-folk ensemble is seamless and captivating." (Westword Magazine). Most recently Wentworth Kersey was honored by The Denver Post as #1 "Artist you may not know yet, but will." Presently they are recording the second of three EPs to be released in 2009.

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Check out the reviews below:

"The new S/T EP from Denver's Wentworth Kersey is like Little House on the Prairie on ludes meets 2001 [A Space Odyssey]."

"The songs that make up the band's new EP are equal parts Sampson (and his love of wistful, Tweedy-esque country musings) and Stevens (and his obsession with ambient, otherworldly sounds), making for a lush, meditative outing."

"...while it still can be described within the range of new Americana, but then it still sounds different to any other album I have heard before that I would describe as being associated with this style. The lyrics which grasped me immediately were from the last track, “Impressed?” with the line like "did you pretend you were only a friend? I wish I had". The dramatic ambient vocal choir which is arranged to it is equally impressive and effective. A very strong debut. Highly recommended."

"...the record hardly sounds electronic at all. With the exception of one instrumental, composed and created entirely by Stevens, each track is built on Sampson's poignant songwriting, delicate vocal phrasing and diaphanous melodies that borrow from country, folk and indie rock."
Heft vs. Scaffolding - We Will Diminish
file under: Techno / IDM / Experimental

Longtime friends Heft and Scaffolding set out to create a 4-track collaboration that resulted in this complex and emotional techno / IDM release. Scaffolding opens up the EP with a brilliant syncopated soundscape that follows with Heft's glitchy techno beauty "Dose". Continuing the techno trend, Scaffolding's "Mound" stands out as a melodic, smooth and bouncy dance tune before Heft closes out with "Waves Upon Waves", an off-kilter glitch-hop beat with thick female vocals and morphing futurescapes.

Preview and download the EP for free at the official web site:

[ Download ] the "We Will Diminish" EP for FREE

Upcoming Releases
There's lots of exciting music and art on the horizon for the Plastic Sound Supply crew. In the coming months we'll be sending out newsletters about Scaffolding's upcoming LP, with remixes by Michael Fakesch, Kero and CacheFlowe. We've also got an experimental/dubstep/glitch-hop/idm/shoegaze George & Caplin remix EP in the oven. Stay tuned!
About Us
Plastic Sound Supply is a music and art label based in Denver, Colorado. Started by a collective of established local artists, the label is focused on releasing cutting edge, genre-defying experimental music, video, and design. PSS members include:

Wayne Winters
Movax (video)
Snowblinded (design)
Wentworth Kersey
George & Caplin
Michael Fakesch
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