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We're a record & art label from Denver, CO, USA, specializing in genre-defying experimental electronic music and art.

Let's start off with a few free mp3s:
[ DOWNLOAD ] "George & Caplin - He Really Got Through... (CacheFlowe remix)"
[ DOWNLOAD ] "Scaffolding - D-Tron (Michael Fakesch remix)" (from
[ DOWNLOAD ] "CacheFlowe - This Year Is For Lovers mix"

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PSS007: George & Caplin - He Really Got Through... Remixes
file under: Experimental / Dubstep / IDM / Techno / Shoegaze

George & Caplin's brilliant album "He Really Got Through To Advertising..." has been reinterpreted by a close-knit collective of electronic music originators: CacheFlowe, Equulei, Scaffolding and Colortone Library. Staying true to group's original "experimental pop" sound, and tinged with guitar and harmonica, the EP is an unlikely but deep and beautiful meeting of influences. Warped electronic folk meets ambient drone, meets a slew of remixed genres, including elements of dubstep, techno, idm, glitch-hop and shoegaze.

CacheFlowe's remix of "He Really Got Through To Advertising..." is slightly too fast and complex, with too much guitar and flute to be considered dubstep, but you can hear the influence seeping into his production. Equulei's haunting remix of "Highway Driveway" takes a more subdued, if not just as complex take on the George & Caplin sound. The only remix with full-on vocals, its crunchy, glitchy beats drive you through an abstract and spooky rendering of the original. Scaffolding's remix of "Horse Fair 138" starts with an appropriate down-home harmonica sample that doesn't quite prepare you for the downtempo experimental techno funk, scattered glitchy vocal chops, and driving, bit-crushed beat. Finishing off the EP, Colortone Library takes a different approach, creating a lush, shoegazing, trance-inducing beauty of a remix of "Bluff Lake Forgotten".

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[ Download ] "He Really Got Through To Advertising (CacheFlowe remix)" for free

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CacheFlowe - This Year Is For Lovers mix

Our own CacheFlowe spent some time compiling a collection of electronic love music from the ages, and mixed a selection into a sensuous 90-minute experience, just in time for Valentine's Day. So dim the lights, put this mix on and cuddle up, because This Year Is For Lovers.
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XLR8R posted the Michael Fakesch (of Funkstörung) remix of Scaffolding's "D-Tron". Go check it out for free at, and be sure to check out the full-length album "Narratives" by Scaffolding.
Polygon 30 by Snowblinded

Polygon 30 is the newest print from Snowblinded, aka Anthony Cozzi, aka Plastic Sound Supply's lead designer. This 18x18" screen print is limited to 30 and is printed on high quality 100lbs paper. This is a small run and will be limited to only one edition.
New Prints by Rafa Jenn

Rafa Jenn, another PSS designer and audio artist, has also been creating some super-styling new prints and more. Check out his work at
Upcoming Releases
There's lots of exciting music and art coming up from the Plastic Sound Supply crew. With an upcoming "Experimental Dance Breaks" compilation, albums from George & Caplin, and new releases from CacheFlowe vs. The Tickler, Wentworth Kersey and Scaffolding vs. Heft, we're keeping busy and having lots of fun doing it. Stay tuned!
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Plastic Sound Supply is a music and art label based in Denver, Colorado. Started by a collective of established local artists, the label is focused on releasing cutting edge, genre-defying experimental music, video, and design. PSS is run by: CacheFlowe, Scaffolding and Snowblinded.
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