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PSS015: Yo Soy Sauce - "Juke Box"
file under: Booty House / Juke / Electronic
for fans of: DJ Funk / Chrissy Murderbot / Absurdity / Fun

"Juke Box" is the debut single from Yo Soy Sauce - a collaboration between The Flobot's Brer Rabbit and veteran electronic music producer CacheFlowe. Having experimented with any number of genres, "Juke Box" sees the Denver-based group taking a self-referential, lighthearted and stomping stab at the 1990s booty house genre, combined with its contemporary descendent juke. Added to the mix is a surprising guest vocal appearance by Esme Tiger Collins of the acoustic supergroup Paper Bird. To top it off, chief juke ambassador Chrissy Murderbot (of Planet Mu) gives the tune a proper remix treatment, bridging the same stylistic gap by employing a range of classic booty house samples on top of a heavy and frantic juke beat. Enjoy the booty while it lasts, because Yo Soy Sauce will be back with something entirely different for the follow-up release.

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"Juke Box" music video

Check out the video for "Juke Box" by clicking the image above.
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