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[ DOWNLOAD ] Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens - "Salton Sea Balloon With Me"

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PSS021: Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens -
"The Holy Dogs of Other Days"

file under: Western / Dub / Psych / Dance
for fans of: The abandoned cantina dance scene

** We're giving away a song each month until September, but you can buy the entire album now, (either digital or the Playbutton edition (pictured below) ) **

About the album:

I grew up building crystal radio sets with my grandpa. My name is Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens. I thought a lot about the body's instinctual yearning to move; from my son dancing in the kitchen to open highway meanderings. Covets were captured via spontaneous performance, no sampling, hardware not software, field recordings, and tequila. For a moment I thought I was the cosmic black tender. I was partially mistaken.

About the artist:

  • A founding member of Wentworth Kersey, George & Caplin, Morriconez, LONG E, short e
  • Composed music for Norwegian National Ballet "The Ice Palace" by author Tarjei Vesaas. 2012 at Oslo's Opera House.
  • Composed soundtrack for "Hanna Ranch" Film Director Mitch Dickman Executive Producer Eric Schlosser 2013
  • Music Installation for Denver International Airport "Handmade Colorado" exhibit in terminal 2013.
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