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[ DOWNLOAD ] Sean Byrd - "Always Was"

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PSS016: Sean Byrd - "Always Was"
file under: Cinematic / Minimal Drum & Bass / Experimental / Dubstep
for fans of: dBridge / Scuba / Tom Middleton

With an undeniably cinematic production style, veteran electronic music producer Sean Byrd injects emotion and depth into a new set of genres, simultaneously referencing and abandoning past and current electronic trends. With a delicate, precise sound, Byrd invokes a thick atmosphere of nostalgia for the distant future. Fluttering melodies wash over a monolithic base of pristine low-end frequencies, while hypnotic percussion drives forward with deft command. "Always Was" is an introspective soundtrack. The tension between dark, icy textures, and lush, warm melodies plays out in a beautiful cascade of minimal drum and bass, sedated techno, and deep dubstep tempo excursions. However, genre descriptions can only begin to explain the brilliance and craftsmanship of this timeless piece of modern electronic music.

About Sean Byrd:
Born into a musical family, Sean Byrd was encouraged to explore his own sound. The journey started for Sean at a very young age while playing and recording various instruments on an old 4-track. Soon came turntables and mixing, paving the way for his love of bass-infused electronic music in the mid to late 90's. Naturally drawn to the early sounds of jungle and drum & bass, these influences can still be heard in his compositions today. His emotive, experimental, groove-based style grew and matured from this early, underground foundation.

Sean's music tells a story. His cinematic approach is evident in his wide variety of releases and remixes for labels like Iron Box Music, Intrinsic Design, Cobalt, Thinner, Dime Line Audio and Plastic Sound Supply. A professional composer, his music can also be heard on numerous TV shows and films worldwide. Sean currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

"...emotive, dramatic..."     - XLR8R

"...pure transcendence...", "Gorgeous work, expertly executed."     - Igloo Magazine

"...a plethora of styles...", "...dubby sparkle...", "...the haze of classic IDM and ambient treatments rapturously glistens and gleams."     - Textura

Preview and purchase the EP at:
[ The official "Always Was" site ]

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