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Let's start off with a free mp3 from PSS017:
[ DOWNLOAD ] Brim Liski - "The Repetitions"

And be sure to download the CacheFlowe remix of "Supermassive" from XLR8R:
[ DOWNLOAD ] Brim Liski - "Supermassive (CacheFlowe remix)"

And here's a new DJ mix from CacheFlowe, featuring 2-step / booty / bmore / bass:
[ DOWNLOAD ] CacheFlowe - DAMN GURL mix

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PSS017: Brim Liski - "The Repetitions"
file under: Electronic / Shoegaze / Cinematic
for fans of: Ulrich Schnauss / M83 / Depeche Mode

Latenight Weeknight Records joins forces with Plastic Sound Supply to release the sophomore Brim Liski EP. "The Repetitions" is a cinematic, shoegaze and electronic sound inspired by the cosmos. With driving electronic beats as the foundation beneath layers of reverb-drenched guitars, synths and vocals, the recordings convey the steady beauty of cosmic destruction and rebirth. At times both uplifting and melancholy, the new Brim Liski sound describes vast intergalactic travel, distant astronomical events, and the universal connection to the human spirit. The remixes by Sean Byrd and CacheFlowe expand on the Brim Liski sound, delving deeper into a technological space with experimental, offbeat, minimal and future bass renditions.

About Brim Liski:
Comprised of members from A Shoreline Dream (USA), Cacheflowe (USA) and Jap Jap (Netherlands), Brim Liski began as an asynchronous and eclectic trans-continental studio project. Recording in each others' studios over the past 5 years, the 3 producers have collaborated in multiple capacities, with the result sitting plainly between their unique styles as an audio Venn diagram. The end of 2011 saw the group take their sound to the stage, with 2 guitars, vocals, synthesizers, laptop beats and custom audio-reactive visuals.

"...The cinematic electro-pop sounds something akin to M83 after drinking too much cough syrup."     - XLR8R

Preview and purchase the EP at: [ "The Repetitions" official site ]

"Flight Sequence" by Snowblinded

Our man Snowblinded also has a new limited-edition print. Check out his web site for more info:
CacheFlowe - DAMN GURL mix

Download the new DJ mix from CacheFlowe. Check out the tracklist and interactive art at the official site. Styles include: 2 step / new step / bmore / booty bass.
Morriconez - Sonoran Slip n' Slide mix

Download another, completely different mix from our good friends Morriconez (of the Wentworth Kersey / George & Caplin camp). There's more info on our web site, but feel free to download it here. Summery styles include: western / vintage / dub.
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