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PSS017: Brim Liski - The Repetitions

Brim Liski - The Repetitions
Brim Liski - "The Repetitions"

"The Repetitions" is a cinematic, shoegaze and electronic sound inspired by the cosmos. With driving electronic beats as the foundation beneath layers of reverb-drenched guitars, synths and vocals, the recordings convey the steady beauty of cosmic destruction and rebirth. At times both uplifting and melancholy, the new Brim Liski sound describes vast intergalactic travel, distant astronomical events, and the universal connection to the human spirit. The remixes by Sean Byrd and CacheFlowe expand on the originals, delving deeper into a technological future with experimental, offbeat, minimal and future bass renditions.

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[PSS017] Brim Liski - The Repetitions