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PSS024: Drop Logik - Phase Lift

Drop Logik - Phase Lift
Four years after appearing on the "Experimental Dance Breaks 36" compilation, Drop Logik returns to Plastic Sound Supply with his first solo release on the label: the "Phase Lift" EP. This sampladelic slab of boom bap and instrumental hip hop integrates a myriad of related styles in its 20-minute workout. Off-kilter beats and glitched edits are definitive and present, but "Phase Lift" is, at its most crucial, thick with ample layers of smooth, heady vibes. Kicking off with staggering beats, swagger and much attitude, the EP strides into a relaxed neighborhood towards the end, recalling late blunted nights and empty, dimly-lit city streets.

Preview and purchase the album at the official site (or just download it for free):

[PSS024] Drop Logik - Phase Lift

Fractal T-Shirt

Plastic Sound Supply Fractal T-Shirt
An algorithmic, open source t-shirt design by CacheFlowe.
Comes with a free fractal sticker pack.
Download (.pdf) the vector design file and make your own.
$22 for US orders, shipping included.
$10 extra for the companion acrylic sculpture
Printed with Pantone 1785 ink on heathered gray American Apparel shirts.

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PSS023: Scaffolding - State of Constant Reverie

Scaffolding - State of Constant Reverie
Scaffolding returns to Plastic Sound Supply with a healthy dose of melodic downtempo and a heartfelt cover of the classic jazz standard 'My Funny Valentine'. With his 9th appearance on the label he co-founded, Scaffolding resurrects his classic form after some years of flirting with avant-garde techno. Complex melodies merge with experimental textures and minimal beats, resulting in ever-engaging and ornamental creations. Thoughtful remixes by David Last and CacheFlowe take this romantic EP to new and deep territories - just in time for Valentine's Day.

Download the EP for free, with additional pay-what-you-want options:

[PSS023] Scaffolding - State of Constant Reverie

PSS022: Iuengliss - Down Cosm

Iuengliss - Down Cosm
Iuengliss returns to Plastic Sound Supply with "Down Cosm", the long-awaited follow-up to his extraordinary audio-visual album "Blank Matter" (2011). Owing little to the current state of popular electronic music, "Down Cosm" sees the veteran producer take a darker turn towards icy, cavernous, deep space sounds. Murky, disjointed rhythms refract against shimmering insterstellar melodies. Lurching forward in solitude at light speed while barely missing tragic collisions with portals to less vivid universes, this musical journey uplifts, confounds and inspires. The intersection of concepts at play is a reflection of universal patterns found between galaxies and subatomic particles alike. Decidedly experimental and psychedelic, "Down Cosm" is an exploration of thoughtful contradictions and magnificent divergence. There's no mistaking the ever-refined and evolving Iuengliss sound, with sparkling combinations of emotions, techniques, and a pure disregard for anything but his own vision and flow.

Download the album for free today, with additional bonus tracks available for free each month until they're all yours:

[PSS022] Iuengliss - Down Cosm

PSS020: Various Artists - Ultrasoft! Anthems 33

Ultrasoft! Anthems 33
Various Artists - "Ultrasoft! Anthems 33"

"Are you tired of the same old music? Well we've got something for you!"

Plastic Sound Supply celebrates its 20th release by continuing a tradition of conceptual label compilations for every 10th release (see PSS010: Experimental Dance Breaks 36). "Ultrasoft! Anthems 33" yields sixteen tracks that guide the listener through a diverse but cohesive array of ambient interpretations. From thick drones to cinematic soundscapes to minimal beats and melodies, these "anthems" flex the boundaries of an esoteric and outlying genre. Prolific ambient producers like offthesky, Ten and Tracer, Radere and Sean Byrd exhibit seasoned technique in their respective submissions, while artists like David Last,, Hollagramz and CacheFlowe use their vast experience in more upbeat and experimental genres to produce compelling, deep and delicate work. Several newcomers to the label deliver fresh and welcome additions to this dreamy production, while PSS remains a tight-knit group of Colorado's brightest musical minds. Building on a tradition of genre-defying output and continual reinvention, the collective rests gently underneath the umbrella of ambient music at this moment in time.


"This isn't your mom's ambient compilation." - Phillip Glasss
"I feel like I'm floating on clouds, with angels." - Michael Scott
"Ultrasoft! Anthems 33 melted my heart, and my mind." - Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens

Download the album for free between Sept 10-16, 2013 at the official site:
[PSS020] Various Artists - Ultrasoft! Anthems 33

PSS021: Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens - The Holy Dogs of Other Days

Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens - The Holy Dogs of Other Days
Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens - "The Holy Dogs of Other Days"

"I grew up building crystal radio sets with my grandpa. My name is Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens. I thought a lot about the body’s instinctual yearning to move; from my son dancing in the kitchen to open highway meanderings. Covets were captured via spontaneous performance, no sampling, hardware not software, field recordings, and tequila. For a moment I thought I was the cosmic black tender. I was partially mistaken."

Download a free song each month, or buy the full album or Playbutton now at the official site:
[PSS021] Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens - The Holy Dogs of Other Days

PSS019: LONG E, short e - Unlike a Machine

LONG E, short e - Unlike A Machine
LONG E, short e - "Unlike a Machine"


Eli Mishkin (Hot IQs) and Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens (morriconez, wentworth kersey, george&caplin) collaborated on a remix project that never left the confines of two 1.44mb floppy discs.

Eli Mishkin and Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens use a pitch bent tape cassette deck player to play guitar over sunrises.

Eli Mishkin and Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens are united as LONG E, short e.

Download the single for free at the official site:
[PSS019] LONG E, short e - Unlike a Machine

CacheFlowe - DAMN GURL mix

CacheFlowe - Damn Gurl mix
Recorded earlier in 2012, this DJ mix was performed by CacheFlowe in a sweaty warehouse for DAMN GURL, one of Denver's best monthly parties. Mixing a blend of old and new, from 2 step to new step, this sexy and slutty mix might just make your day.

Download the mix here:
CacheFlowe - DAMN GURL

PSS018: Paper Bird - Carry On RMXD: Paper Bird Reimagined

Paper Bird - Carry On RMXD: Paper Bird Reimagined
Paper Bird - "Carry On RMXD: Paper Bird Reimagined"

Paper Bird's 3rd album "Carry On" was written in 2011 as a collaboration between the inimitable 7-piece folk group and the the well-respected modern dance company Ballet Nouveau Colorado. The short run of performances received such acclaim that it now returns to Denver's finest theaters in 2012. "Carry On" also saw the band spread its proverbial wings in new experimentations with song structure and composition while remaining rooted firmly in classic acoustic instrumentation. In this spirit of collaboration and new frontiers of creation, "Carry On RMXD" is the band's first brush with electronic remixes and reinterpretations. While such a move could be considered risky, the band's emotive vocal and instrumental dynamism translates beautifully across the discrete but contiguous translations. From the prolific ambient artist Offthesky's thick and swelling remix of "Entre Acte / Owt Ni Tuc" to the Flobots' frantic jungle beat-backed version of "Drekovsky", "Carry On RMXD" brings together incredible regional and national talent to honor and breathe new life into Paper Bird's beautiful and maturing sound.

Preview and purchase the album at the official site:
[PSS018] Paper Bird - Carry On RMXD: Paper Bird Reimagined

PSS017: Brim Liski - The Repetitions

Brim Liski - The Repetitions
Brim Liski - "The Repetitions"

"The Repetitions" is a cinematic, shoegaze and electronic sound inspired by the cosmos. With driving electronic beats as the foundation beneath layers of reverb-drenched guitars, synths and vocals, the recordings convey the steady beauty of cosmic destruction and rebirth. At times both uplifting and melancholy, the new Brim Liski sound describes vast intergalactic travel, distant astronomical events, and the universal connection to the human spirit. The remixes by Sean Byrd and CacheFlowe expand on the originals, delving deeper into a technological future with experimental, offbeat, minimal and future bass renditions.

Preview and purchase the album at the official site:
[PSS017] Brim Liski - The Repetitions


The Underground Music Showcase is upon us, and PSS artists are representing a wide variety of sounds for Denver and beyond. Check out the schedules for our friends below:

[ Brim Liski at Delite ]
9:00 pm | Sat, July 21, 2012

[ CacheFlowe at Compound Basix ]
10:00 pm | Thu, July 19, 2012

[ Esme Patterson (Paper Bird, Yo Soy Sauce) at Delite ]
5:00 pm | Sun, July 22, 2012

[ Joe Sampson (Wentworth Kersey) at Irish Rover - Rooftop ]
3:00 pm | Sat, July 21, 2012

[ Kitty Crimes at Compound Basix ]
8:00 pm | Thu, July 19, 2012

[ Morriconez (Wentworth Kersey, George & Caplin) at Gildar Gallery ]
6:00 pm | Sat, July 21, 2012

[ Tommy Metz (Iuengliss) at Delite ]
10:00 pm | Sat, July 21, 2012

[ Yo Soy Sauce at Compound Basix ]
11:00 pm | Thu, July 19, 2012

Morriconez - Sonoran Asphalt Slip n' Slide

Morriconez - Sonoran Asphalt Slip n Slide mix
Download a new vintage / western / dub mix from the Wentworth Kersey / George & Caplin / Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens camp. These summer tunes are best accompanied by a gila monster, tequila, and/or a slip n' slide. Featured artists include: Ennio Morricone, Fracnesco De Masi, Augustus Pablo, The Brazada Bros., Jacques Denjean, Scott Walker, Piero, The Upsetters, Marcello Giombini, La Revolucion de Emiliano Zapata, & more.

[ Download MP3 ]

Check out Morriconez on Bandcamp, Blogger and Mixcloud, and watch out for the debut album on Wil-Ru, releasing on June 22, 2012.

PSS016: Sean Byrd - Always Was

Sean Byrd - Always Was
Sean Byrd - "Always Was"

With an undeniably cinematic production style, veteran electronic music producer Sean Byrd injects emotion and depth into a new set of genres, simultaneously referencing and abandoning past and current electronic trends. With a delicate, precise sound, Byrd invokes a thick atmosphere of nostalgia for the distant future. Fluttering melodies wash over a monolithic base of pristine low-end frequencies, while hypnotic percussion drives forward with deft command. "Always Was" is an introspective soundtrack. The tension between dark, icy textures, and lush, warm melodies plays out in a beautiful cascade of minimal drum and bass, sedated techno, and deep dubstep tempo excursions.

Preview and purchase the album at the official site:
[PSS016] Sean Byrd - Always Was

Anagram T-Shirt

Plastic Sound Supply Anagram T-Shirt
A new cerebral t-shirt design by Blonde Winds.
Inspired by that one band from Seattle.
$22 for US orders, shipping included.
Printed on American Apparel.

BUY NOW - men's x-small - 5 left
BUY NOW - men's small - 9 left
BUY NOW - men's medium - 12 left
BUY NOW - men's large - 13 left
BUY NOW - men's x-large - 9 left

PSS013: C.DB.SN + Scaffolding - Covalent States

C.DB.SN + Scaffolding - Covalent States
C.DB.SN + Scaffolding - "Covalent States"

Complex and ethereal, percussive and melodic, "Covalent States" showcases two of Denver's finest experimental electronic musicians with a conceptual remix collaboration. Between the two original cuts and corresponding remixes, Scaffolding and create an icy, metallic soundtrack for a mysterious journey into subatomic galaxies. Fluttering glitches, deep synths and head-nodding beats provide common stylistic ground, while the essence of each artist is unmistakable.

Preview and purchase the EP at the official site:
[PSS013] C.DB.SN + Scaffolding - Covalent States

PSS015: Yo Soy Sauce - Juke Box

Yo Soy Sauce - Juke Box
Yo Soy Sauce - Juke Box

"Juke Box" is an all-star booty house and juke collaboration between Brer Rabbit (Flobots), Esme Tiger Collins (Paper Bird), and electronic producer CacheFlowe. With a heavy & hyper remix by Chrissy Murderbot, your booty might be dead if it's not moving.

Preview and purchase the single at the official site:
[PSS015] Yo Soy Sauce - Juke Box

PSS012: Iuengliss - Blank Matter

Iuengliss - Blank Matter
Iuengliss - Blank Matter

Blank Matter is an audio/visual full-length album that explores experimental soundscapes, complex rhythms, chopped breakbeats, moody space melodies, spastic jungle glitchiness and epic 8-bit happiness. Cohesive, but full of surprises, the album demands an intimate listen as it taps into a wealth of vibes and emotions. Everything intricate, everything intended, everything musical, Iuengliss's waves of cinematic sounds and heady production should warm the hearts of beat-freaks and electronica weirdos everywhere.

Preview and purchase the album at the official site:
[PSS012] Iuengliss - Blank Matter

PSS010: Experimental Dance Breaks 36

Experimental Dance Breaks 36
Experimental Dance Breaks 36

As DJ-friendly as it is headphone-friendly, Experimental Dance Breaks 36 is the latest (and only) volume in this landmark series. Featuring the finest EDB tunes from the finest Colorado producers, this compilation is a snapshot of the serious talent in this underrated location. From destructive to meditative, the diversity shines through original combinations of dubstep, idm, glitch hop, breaks, jungle and more.

With design by Snowblinded and mastering by Twerk, this CacheFlowe-curated album will surely perk the ears of electronic music lovers looking for a fresh take on contemporary breakbeat-based sounds. As we escape current trends and homogenization, get ready for something new and unique: Experimental Dance Breaks 36.

Preview and purchase the album at the official site:
[PSS010] Experimental Dance Breaks 36

Decim8 iPhone app by Movax

Movax - Decim8
Our main VJ / guru Movax just released his new iPhone app Decim8, "a digital tool for photographic destruction". It's fun and awesome, and only costs a dollar, so grab it if you can and post your Decim8 pictures to the Flickr group. His older app Pulsar is pretty damn cool too.

PSS009: Wentworth Kersey - ((O))

Wentworth Kersey - ((O))
Wentworth Kersey - ((O))

"Every piece seems like it has a warm, shimmering halo of synth bliss around it, which provides a very effective soft-focus counterbalance to Sampson's gritty heartbreak."

"Sampson is anything but mopey. In fact, he's a very charismatic, powerful, and articulate vocalist. He's a damn good songwriter too, as each of the eight pieces here is simple, direct, and memorably hooky."


Check out the reviews, preview and purchase the album:
[PSS009] Wentworth Kersey - ((O))

The first 30 fans to TEXT MESSAGE the hidden phone number in the video for Oxbow with their NAME, MAILING ADDRESS, and the letters "WK" will receive a FREE copy of this new record.

PSS008: George & Caplin - Secluded Malls and Scenic Byways / Requiem for an Encyclopedia

George and Caplin - Secluded Malls and Scenic Byways / Requiem for an Encyclopedia
Denver's Plastic Sound Supply proudly announces PSS008:
George & Caplin - Secluded Malls and Scenic Byways / Requiem for an Encyclopedia (An Infinite Loop in 12 Volumes)

"George and Caplin's latest release is one of a dying breed - an album that demands to be listened to as an album. Yes, there are some fine songs on it that can stand alone (particularly 'Wilderness Eyes' and 'Wanderin'), but when taken as a whole, the disc really shows its strength. Each song flows into the next, tiny melodies rise and fall in the mix, gorgeous textures slip and slide over each other, and the full effect is almost intoxicating. As the 'bootgazing vaquero manifesto' that informs the album states, 'All creations would be at home on an AM radio, in a pick-up truck driven by Brian Eno, on the way to an open ranch' - and that's pretty much a perfect description of what you get here."
-Cory Casciato / Westword

Preview and purchase the album at our official site:
[PSS008] George & Caplin - Secluded Malls and Scenic Byways / Requiem for an Encyclopedia

PSS at Communikey Festival, 2010

Plastic Sound Supply at Communikey festival
Our friends in the Communikey crew are about to host the 3rd annual Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts in Boulder, Colorado, USA. We consider it the electronic music event of the year in Colorado, and are very happy to be participating again. We're holding a FREE & all-ages Plastic Sound Supply boutique at the CMKY HQ, located at 1825a Pearl Street. Our artists will be DJing and holding down the HQ from 2-7pm, where you can purchase weekend passes, get info, and kick back before the many exciting weekend festivities. Headlining artists include The Books, Akufen, Lucky Dragons, Dave Aju, Clark Warner and lots more. For more info about the 5-day festival, events and locations, check out the Communikey web site.

New Wentworth Kersey Site, EP and Free MP3

Wentworth Kersey site and mp3
Our good friends Wentworth Kersey are wrapping up the 3rd of a trilogy of EPs, and in celebration, we're giving away their new single "Sun and Moon". We also made a nice web page to get to the first two EPs, and download all the free mp3s. Check it out here:

This Year Is For Lovers Mix

Wentworth Kersey Licenses Wealth To FDL
Our own CacheFlowe spent some time compiling a collection of electronic love music from the ages, and mixed a selection into a sensuous 90-minute experience, just in time for Valentine's Day. So dim the lights, put this mix on and cuddle up, because This Year Is For Lovers.

PSS007: George & Caplin - He Really Got Through... Remixes

George & Caplin - He Really Got Through... Remixes
Denver's Plastic Sound Supply proudly announces PSS007:
George & Caplin - He Really Got Through... Remixes

George & Caplin's brilliant album "He Really Got Through To Advertising..." has been reinterpreted by a close-knit collective of electronic music originators: CacheFlowe, Equulei, Scaffolding and Colortone Library. Staying true to group's original "experimental pop" sound, and tinged with guitar and harmonica, the EP is an unlikely but deep and beautiful meeting of influences. Warped electronic folk meets ambient drone, meets a slew of remixed genres, including elements of dubstep, techno, idm, glitch-hop and shoegaze.

CacheFlowe's remix of "He Really Got Through To Advertising..." is slightly too fast and complex, with too much guitar and flute to be considered dubstep, but you can hear the influence seeping into his production. Equulei's haunting remix of "Highway Driveway" takes a more subdued, if not just as complex take on the George & Caplin sound. The only remix with full-on vocals, its crunchy, glitchy beats drive you through an abstract and spooky rendering of the original. Scaffolding's remix of "Horse Fair 138" starts with an appropriate down-home harmonica sample that doesn't quite prepare you for the downtempo experimental techno funk, scattered glitchy vocal chops, and driving, bit-crushed beat. Finishing off the EP, Colortone Library takes a different approach, creating a lush, shoegazing, trance-inducing beauty of a remix of "Bluff Lake Forgotten".

Preview and purchase the album at our official site:
[PSS007] George & Caplin - He Really Got Through... Remixes

PSS005: Scaffolding - Narratives

Wentworth Kersey - (O)
Scaffolding - Narratives

Scaffolding forges a hybrid of sorts, part minimal techno, part IDM. This thirteen track up-tempo excursion features six collaborators - three remixers: Michael Fakesch (of Funkstörung), Cacheflowe, Kero - and three vocalists: Bela Karoli, Sarah Marcogliese, and Sarina Simoom.

The opening track, "Microbe", captures the spirit of this release most keenly, effortlessly reconciling the aesthetic values of IDM and minimal techno. "Prelude 2", is Scaffolding's take on Bela Karoli's contribution, which borrows its title and lyrics from a T.S. Eliot poem - undoubtedly the dreamiest segment of the LP. Somber tones take over in "Instant", a track in which Sarah Marcogliese's vocal embellishments linger hauntingly in one's mind. "Brooke", "D-Tron" and "Flank" continue to explore a darker palette, aggressive one moment, brooding the next, until we emerge ultimately into a brighter, more hopeful territory with "Clarity". The album's closing track, "After the Killing" , features long-time friend and collaborator Sarina Simoom, who offers poignant lyrics and an arresting vocal performance.

Narratives' three featured remixers succeed in propelling the album well beyond its anticipated scope. Michael Fakesch's take on "D-Tron", abandons the original's darker components and trods along gleefully with an unmistakable acid-driven groove. Cacheflowe's take-no-prisoners approach gives us his wobbliest dub-step track yet in his stomping reiteration of "Microbe". Lastly, Kero's addictive synth-hook leaves us bobbing along, as a glitchy drum machine recalls Richard D. James and Mike Paradinas, and reminds us where the IDM roots of the album are embedded.

Preview and purchase the album at our official site:
[PSS005] Scaffolding - Narratives

PSS006: Wentworth Kersey - (O)

Wentworth Kersey - (O)
Wentworth Kersey - (O)

"On WK's second self-titled EP, singer-guitarist Joe Sampson and keyboardist-programmer Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens... seamlessly meld haunting folk songs to minimal yet soaring samples and synthesizers. The result is a lush, lonesome vibe that sneaks up and bites you on the ass with its epic-ness."

Check out the reviews and interviews from the Denver Decider and the Westword (Westword blog post here)).

Preview and purchase the album at our official site:
[PSS006] Wentworth Kersey - (O)

Cache, Stacks & Queues CD Release Party :: Friday, May 8th @ Beta

CacheFlowe - Cache, Stacks and Queues CD Release Party
We're teaming up with our good friends from Sub.Mission, a local crew that essentially created the dubstep scene in Colorado. They throw amazing events on big sound systems, and we're bringing out Starkey (Planet Mu) to celebrate CacheFlowe's experimental dubstep EP "Cache, Stacks & Queues". Starkey wrote a great remix for the EP, so he made perfect sense to headline the event. Visuals will be provided by our very own VJ Movax, and subsonic frequencies will be provided by Funktion One & Beta. We'll be selling the CD for $7 and will have PSS t-shirts available as well.

Click the image above to see the flyer

music by:
Sub.Mission residents: Budros Gali, Serv One, Ronald Raygunn

visuals by: Movax

Friday, May 8th
@ Beta Nightclub
1909 Blake St, Denver, CO

If you plan on attending, you can buy $5 presale tickets here, or pay $10 at the door. (Le Castle Vania is playing downstairs @ Beta)

Toy Guns T-Shirt

Plastic Sound Supply Toy Guns Shirt
Our own Rafa Jenn designed the new Plastic Sound Supply t-shirt
"Toy Guns", now available online. $23 for US orders, shipping included.

Click the picture above for a closer look at the mens shirt.

Mens sizes available in kelly green (American Apparel) and womens sizes in sage (Next Level Apparel).

SOLD OUT - men's medium (kelly green)
SOLD OUT - men's large (kelly green)
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BUY NOW - women's small (sage) - 4 left
BUY NOW - women's medium (sage) - 4 left
SOLD OUT - women's medium (kelly green)
BUY NOW - women's large (sage) - 5 left

PSS001: We Will Diminish EP

Heft vs. Scaffolding - We Will Diminish
After our 4th release, we're officially announcing our 1st:
PSS001: Heft vs. Scaffolding - We Will Diminish

Longtime friends Heft and Scaffolding set out to create a 4-track collaboration that resulted in this complex and emotional techno / IDM release. Scaffolding opens up with a brilliant syncopated soundscape that follows with Heft's glitchy techno beauty "Dose". Continuing the techno trend, Scaffolding's "Mound" stands out as a melodic, smooth and bouncy dance tune before Heft closes out with "Waves Upon Waves", a glitchy downtempo tune with thick female vocals.

Download for free and/or purchase the EP:
[PSS001] Heft vs. Scaffolding - We Will Diminish

PSS004: Wentworth Kersey - O

CacheFlowe - Cache, Stacks and Queues
Wentworth Kersey - O

"The songs that make up the band's new EP are equal parts Sampson (and his love of wistful, Tweedy-esque country musings) and Stevens (and his obsession with ambient, otherworldly sounds), making for a lush, meditative outing."

Check out the excellent reviews from the Denver Post and the Westword.

Preview and purchase the album at our official site:
[PSS004] Wentworth Kersey - O

PSS003: CacheFlowe - Cache, Stacks & Queues

CacheFlowe - Cache, Stacks and Queues
Denver's Plastic Sound Supply announces PSS003:
CacheFlowe - Cache, Stacks & Queues

With his new EP, "Cache, Stacks & Queues", CacheFlowe explores the experimental side of dubstep and glitch hop. A heavier take on his broken beats, CS&Q represents CacheFlowe's return to a sound that might just be called dance music in some circles. Collaborations with Machinedrum, Starkey, and Brer Rabbit from the Flobots round out the experimental street beat sound of the release. True to his style, CacheFlowe's 3rd solo release provides lots of surprises amidst the head-nodding beats.

Preview the album and download the mix at our official site:
[PSS003] CacheFlowe - Cache, Stacks & Queues

CMYK T-Shirt

Plastic Sound Supply CMYK Shirt
Our designer Anthony Cozzi, aka Snowblinded, cooked up this haute t-shirt for the label, now available online. $23 for US orders, shipping included. American Apparel.

Click the picture above for a closer look.

SOLD OUT - men's medium
SOLD OUT - men's large
BUY NOW - men's x-large - 1 left

Rafa Jenn and Scaffolding in NY

Rafa Jenn and Scaffolding in NY
On Saturday September,13th our very own Rafa Jenn and Scaffolding will be providing entertainment in Beacon, New York.

Rafa Jenn will be showing at Open Space Gallery, 510 Main Street - Beacon, NY.

Scaffolding will be playing the after-party at NEXT STEP, 10pm till late @ the Piggy Bank restaurant/bar in Beacon, NY.

The Reprogramming Project CD Release

The Reprogramming Project CD Release
We're flying out Machinedrum to play with us as we release our first full-length album, which is a collaboration between CacheFlowe, Scaffolding, and Wayne Winters. We'll be showing the world premiere of the video VJ Movax did for one of the songs, and our good friend Ten and Tracer will be opening the night up for us. Visuals will be provided by Movax and an-ism. Hope you can check it out!

VJ Movax Performing with Plaid in LA, SF!

VJ Movax Performing with Plaid in LA, SF
Our very own VJ Movax will be performing visuals for Warp Records' legends Plaid in California next week. He's been designing/writing a special audio reactive 3d program for the UK duo's US tour coming up this month (see pic above). The custom software will be used at the other stops on the tour, but Movax will be at the controls on the following dates:

Thu, Jan 17, 2008 : Los Angeles - Walt Disney Concert Hall
Sat, Jan 19, 2008 : San Francisco - Mezzanine

On the web:
VJ Movax

Scaffolding remixes Nicole Torres

Scaffolding remixes Nicole Torres
Scaffolding remixes "High Seas" for Nicole Torres & The Affiliates' latest release, "Out of Harm's Way". Number 10 on the LP, Scaffolding gives us acid basslines, and a hard-hitting beat, in this latest take on dark-hop. As an extra bonus, the track features Bela Karoli's Julie Davis with some tasty vocals!

artist links:
Nicole Torres
Bela Karoli