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PSS003: CacheFlowe - Cache, Stacks & Queues

CacheFlowe - Cache, Stacks and Queues
Denver's Plastic Sound Supply announces PSS003:
CacheFlowe - Cache, Stacks & Queues

With his new EP, "Cache, Stacks & Queues", CacheFlowe explores the experimental side of dubstep and glitch hop. A heavier take on his broken beats, CS&Q represents CacheFlowe's return to a sound that might just be called dance music in some circles. Collaborations with Machinedrum, Starkey, and Brer Rabbit from the Flobots round out the experimental street beat sound of the release. True to his style, CacheFlowe's 3rd solo release provides lots of surprises amidst the head-nodding beats.

Preview the album and download the mix at our official site:
[PSS003] CacheFlowe - Cache, Stacks & Queues