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PSS022: Iuengliss - Down Cosm

Iuengliss - Down Cosm
Iuengliss returns to Plastic Sound Supply with "Down Cosm", the long-awaited follow-up to his extraordinary audio-visual album "Blank Matter" (2011). Owing little to the current state of popular electronic music, "Down Cosm" sees the veteran producer take a darker turn towards icy, cavernous, deep space sounds. Murky, disjointed rhythms refract against shimmering insterstellar melodies. Lurching forward in solitude at light speed while barely missing tragic collisions with portals to less vivid universes, this musical journey uplifts, confounds and inspires. The intersection of concepts at play is a reflection of universal patterns found between galaxies and subatomic particles alike. Decidedly experimental and psychedelic, "Down Cosm" is an exploration of thoughtful contradictions and magnificent divergence. There's no mistaking the ever-refined and evolving Iuengliss sound, with sparkling combinations of emotions, techniques, and a pure disregard for anything but his own vision and flow.

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[PSS022] Iuengliss - Down Cosm