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PSS018: Paper Bird - Carry On RMXD: Paper Bird Reimagined

Paper Bird - Carry On RMXD: Paper Bird Reimagined
Paper Bird - "Carry On RMXD: Paper Bird Reimagined"

Paper Bird's 3rd album "Carry On" was written in 2011 as a collaboration between the inimitable 7-piece folk group and the the well-respected modern dance company Ballet Nouveau Colorado. The short run of performances received such acclaim that it now returns to Denver's finest theaters in 2012. "Carry On" also saw the band spread its proverbial wings in new experimentations with song structure and composition while remaining rooted firmly in classic acoustic instrumentation. In this spirit of collaboration and new frontiers of creation, "Carry On RMXD" is the band's first brush with electronic remixes and reinterpretations. While such a move could be considered risky, the band's emotive vocal and instrumental dynamism translates beautifully across the discrete but contiguous translations. From the prolific ambient artist Offthesky's thick and swelling remix of "Entre Acte / Owt Ni Tuc" to the Flobots' frantic jungle beat-backed version of "Drekovsky", "Carry On RMXD" brings together incredible regional and national talent to honor and breathe new life into Paper Bird's beautiful and maturing sound.

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[PSS018] Paper Bird - Carry On RMXD: Paper Bird Reimagined