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Toy Guns T-Shirt

Plastic Sound Supply Toy Guns Shirt
Our own Rafa Jenn designed the new Plastic Sound Supply t-shirt
"Toy Guns", now available online. $23 for US orders, shipping included.

Click the picture above for a closer look at the mens shirt.

Mens sizes available in kelly green (American Apparel) and womens sizes in sage (Next Level Apparel).

SOLD OUT - men's medium (kelly green)
SOLD OUT - men's large (kelly green)
SOLD OUT - men's x-large (kelly green)
BUY NOW - women's small (sage) - 4 left
BUY NOW - women's medium (sage) - 4 left
SOLD OUT - women's medium (kelly green)
BUY NOW - women's large (sage) - 5 left