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PSS005: Scaffolding - Narratives

Wentworth Kersey - (O)
Scaffolding - Narratives

Scaffolding forges a hybrid of sorts, part minimal techno, part IDM. This thirteen track up-tempo excursion features six collaborators - three remixers: Michael Fakesch (of Funkstörung), Cacheflowe, Kero - and three vocalists: Bela Karoli, Sarah Marcogliese, and Sarina Simoom.

The opening track, "Microbe", captures the spirit of this release most keenly, effortlessly reconciling the aesthetic values of IDM and minimal techno. "Prelude 2", is Scaffolding's take on Bela Karoli's contribution, which borrows its title and lyrics from a T.S. Eliot poem - undoubtedly the dreamiest segment of the LP. Somber tones take over in "Instant", a track in which Sarah Marcogliese's vocal embellishments linger hauntingly in one's mind. "Brooke", "D-Tron" and "Flank" continue to explore a darker palette, aggressive one moment, brooding the next, until we emerge ultimately into a brighter, more hopeful territory with "Clarity". The album's closing track, "After the Killing" , features long-time friend and collaborator Sarina Simoom, who offers poignant lyrics and an arresting vocal performance.

Narratives' three featured remixers succeed in propelling the album well beyond its anticipated scope. Michael Fakesch's take on "D-Tron", abandons the original's darker components and trods along gleefully with an unmistakable acid-driven groove. Cacheflowe's take-no-prisoners approach gives us his wobbliest dub-step track yet in his stomping reiteration of "Microbe". Lastly, Kero's addictive synth-hook leaves us bobbing along, as a glitchy drum machine recalls Richard D. James and Mike Paradinas, and reminds us where the IDM roots of the album are embedded.

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