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PSS020: Various Artists - Ultrasoft! Anthems 33

Ultrasoft! Anthems 33
Various Artists - "Ultrasoft! Anthems 33"

"Are you tired of the same old music? Well we've got something for you!"

Plastic Sound Supply celebrates its 20th release by continuing a tradition of conceptual label compilations for every 10th release (see PSS010: Experimental Dance Breaks 36). "Ultrasoft! Anthems 33" yields sixteen tracks that guide the listener through a diverse but cohesive array of ambient interpretations. From thick drones to cinematic soundscapes to minimal beats and melodies, these "anthems" flex the boundaries of an esoteric and outlying genre. Prolific ambient producers like offthesky, Ten and Tracer, Radere and Sean Byrd exhibit seasoned technique in their respective submissions, while artists like David Last,, Hollagramz and CacheFlowe use their vast experience in more upbeat and experimental genres to produce compelling, deep and delicate work. Several newcomers to the label deliver fresh and welcome additions to this dreamy production, while PSS remains a tight-knit group of Colorado's brightest musical minds. Building on a tradition of genre-defying output and continual reinvention, the collective rests gently underneath the umbrella of ambient music at this moment in time.


"This isn't your mom's ambient compilation." - Phillip Glasss
"I feel like I'm floating on clouds, with angels." - Michael Scott
"Ultrasoft! Anthems 33 melted my heart, and my mind." - Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens

Download the album for free between Sept 10-16, 2013 at the official site:
[PSS020] Various Artists - Ultrasoft! Anthems 33